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Wednesday’s Debt Free Days: 4 Key Benefits of Using Coupons

Each week that I sit to write about our journey towards being 100% debt free is really a treat.  Not only do I get to share our weekly triumphs and trials with you, but I can use this opportunity as a time to reflect on our progress.

Progress with paying off our debt has been slow over the past week.  We had some unexpected travel expenses due to a family emergency, and it’s back to school time so we spent a bit on getting school supplies and preparing our bonus room for the school year ahead.  After that, there wasn’t much left to throw towards our debt.  The good thing is, we are keeping on track with all payments.

I brainstormed quite a bit over the past few weeks on how to increase our ability to save while continuing to pay down our 6 figure debt.  A few years ago I got caught up in couponing.  I quickly gave up on it because I found that I was buying a bunch of junk that we really didn’t need just to save a buck.  It seemed like I was saving a ton, but in reality I was losing money simply by purchasing stuff I didn’t need.

Here I am a few years later, wiser and better able to put coupons to use for my family.  Take a look at these 4 key benefits of using coupons.

1  Money Saving

Of course!  Coupons help us save money.  If, we use them correctly.  Prepare a weekly grocery list.  Then compare your list to store sales and coupons to find discounts that can be combined.  For example, you have cereal on your list.  Your local store has it on sale for $1.99 a box.  You have two $.50 off one box coupons for that brand of cereal.  Your local store doubles coupons up to $.50.  So each coupon is worth $1.00 off.  With your coupons you buy 2 boxes of cereal for $.99 each!  You just saved $2.00!  I might not seem like much but trust me when I tell you it all adds up.

2  Coupon Apps = Convenience

I’ll admit, having access to coupons without having to spend time clipping them is pretty darn awesome!  I’ve had the Ibotta app on my phone for exactly 6 days as of today and have earned $29.75 in cash rebates!  Yes, real cash just buy purchasing grocery items I would normally purchase anyway.  This app pays you to buy everyday food items like milk, bread, eggs, juice, onions, jelly, and tomatoes.  The list goes on.  There are hundreds of grocery items to save on in just as many stores.  It can also be used for shoes, crafts, dining out, and much more.  Before you make a purchase you can unlock the items in the app to see the rebate amount.  Once you purchase your items, verify your items by taking a pic of your receipt through the app and that’s it.  The rebate is added to your account within 24-48 hours!  Sign up for Ibotta and get a $10 bonus after verifying your first purchase.  Does it get any easier than this?  I’ll be withdrawing the funds each time I reach $100 in rebates and applying that amount directly to our debt.


3  Awareness of How Your Money is Spent

When using coupons, whether paper or digital, you begin to form an awareness of why and how you spend your money.  Taking the time to compare and shop for bargains helps to develop and inspire responsible money management habits.  Just like budgeting every month, utilizing coupons wisely will help you grab hold of your finances and ultimately pay off debt.  Just remember to take the money you save from using them and put it towards some of your debt.  I think this qualifies as unexpected money.

4  Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

Yes, I know that there are always plenty of coupons available for junk.  Bear with me for a second.  Have you ever wanted to purchase something but it was out of your budget?  Of course you have!  Here’s how using coupons can help.  There are coupons available for healthy foods.  They may be manufacturers coupons or store coupons.  Either way, take advantage of them to buy better quality foods for your self and your family.  You learn to eat healthier while saving money at the same time.  Over time the ability to eat healthy while saving becomes an addiction, I can attest to this!  It’s a win-win!

Well there you have it.  Couponing can be of benefit to you.  Let me know how you use coupons and what some of your favorite money saving apps are.  I’m always looking for more ways to save a buck!





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