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We Waited 6 Years to Honeymoon and It Was The Best Decision Ever!

If I go back and think about the early discussions with my husband, honeymooning was never a hot topic.  We married quickly (within 3 months of meeting each other), already had children from previous relationships, and were waist deep in working and running businesses.  There simply was no time to think about a honeymoon, nevertheless plan one AND actually go!

The day before our wedding, my husbands grandmother passed away.  So right after the wedding, within days we were on the road to Indiana for a funeral with our 3 kids in tow.  Upon our return, life got real!  We took steps to make moves.  Confused?  Let me break it down.  My husband and I married in our mid 30’s.  We had much life experience, failed relationships, a host of goals and aspirations, and were really in the thick of our lives.  There was no time to slow down.  We took the necessary steps to make the moves in our lives that would bring us closer to our collective and individual goals.

Paying off our car note was one of the most immediate goals (we did and now have another one, BLASPHEMY I know).  Also on the list of making moves, was purchasing our first home.  We had financial obligations that couldn’t be overlooked, and plans to be great in our marriage.  Honeymooning right away wouldn’t allow us to be great.

Let’s be real here, at least the hubs and I were.  We knew each other for 3 months and jumped the broom.  A honeymoon would have been the icing on the cake after such a whirlwind courtship BUT would it have solidified our relationship further?  Would it have been anything but a free for all of good food, newlywed sex, and more pictures than we could ever share?  Yes, there would have been many memories but aside from them I don’t see what we would have gained by honeymooning right after we married.

Over the 6 years and 4 months that Mr. Chocolate Drop has been my boo-thang, we have accomplished so much.  We’ve grown into this amazing team who balance each other out, and have reached so many of our goals…personal and professional.  To top if off, our family has grown from 5-7!  I’ve learned so much about my husband in the most honest and forthcoming way.  I attribute that to us jumping in head first to this thing called marriage, and not getting caught up in the fluff and stuff of what a wedding-honeymoon “should” be.  We kept the wedding simple, kicked the honeymoon to the curb, and just began living.

2 homes, 2 more kids, 3 businesses, and 6 years later, the time was right for us to have our honeymoon.  We are in a place of comfort and really needed the time to connect with each other without distractions.  No chirren, no businesses, no job, no nothing!  Just us!  So we made it happen.  Negril, Jamaica was wonderful and the memories we made there have such special meaning, that they will carry us through this lifetime.

So tell me, did you honeymoon right away?  If not, what were your reasons for postponing it?  I’d love to hear your story!


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