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To the Mountain Top: The Thomas’ Went Camping!

Anyone who knows me, knows that camping is not something that I’ve ever wanted to do. Why? Why would I want to go sleep in the wilderness, take the chance of getting eaten by a bear, eat processed food, take a cold shower (if there are showers available), or get eaten alive by mosquitos? I’m a rational person and camping is simply irrational!

Growing up in NYC, camping was never something that I was exposed to. We rode subways and buses, ate slices from the pizza shop on the block, dodged NYPD, had block parties, and went to “the city” as a treat. There was no place to go camping. I don’t even think I knew anyone who went camping until I met my bestie Rebecca.

Yep, Rebecca is the reason for our climb to the mountain top. She just celebrated her 39th birthday and wanted us all to go camping. Even the babies. She made list after list, gathered all the supplies, located the campground and basically pulled the whole weekend together.

The hubby and I packed the morning of and forgot most of the things that we were supposed to bring! We were ill prepared. Thank God for the preparedness of Rebecca!

We drove through several small towns on our way to the campsite. Quite a few looked like they stepped out of an old western movie. I’m convinced that plenty of lazy days, local parades, and the town clinic were woven deep into the fabric of these little towns. It was very peaceful and the scenery was simply divine. Lush green covered mountain tops and pastures with meandering cows, horses, and sheep were dotted along our path as we made our way up the mountain.

When we arrived we were greeted by the most amazing lake I’ve seen in a while. Paddle boats and a row boat sat along the shore and there was a rope swing to boot. This place was out of a book!

The men folk pitched tents amongst the trees and Rebecca and I, along with help from the little ones set up the food tent and blew up the air mattresses. Yeah, ya’ll didn’t think we were going to sleep on the ground did you? LOL

By sunset our campsite was all set up and the fire was burning. We enjoyed our dinner and turned in for the night.

Day two started at the crack of dawn…literally! The sun was shining so bright and there were no blinds to counter its rays so we had no choice but to wake up and get moving. We made breakfast and headed over to the lake for a fun filled day of swimming, boating and fishing. The kiddos really enjoyed themselves and we had a blast too.

I’ll admit that it was a very different experience. One that I’m happy my children had a chance enjoy, but I don’t know if I would miss it if we never went camping again. Shhh! Don’t tell the bestie! 😉

Here are some pictures of our camping trip. I hope you enjoy them as we had a great time taking them to share our memories with you.

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