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The $25 Sewing Table: My 1st Furniture DIY Project

I’ve been meaning to share my 1st furniture re-purposing project with you all for a few weeks now. Time simply slipped away as we’ve been planning our next big family project. I’m so excited about it and all of the community members that we will be able to assist once we get this project going. Don’t fret, I’ll be sure to post about it here when we get all of the particulars worked out.

So yeah, back to my DIY project. I looked high and low for the better part of 3 months for a ready made sewing table. The were all frumpy, made from cheap material, or just down right boring. Sewing is a craft that is full of whimsy. It can be colorful and unusual. I wanted a sewing table that reflected the fun I planned on experiencing when sewing clothes, purses or any other craft projects that crossed my path.

Now let me not lead you astray. I am by no means a seamstress of professional status. I wouldn’t even classify myself as a seamstress. I’m more of “the lady down the street that can sew on buttons, make pillow cases and skirts.” Ha! I am such a novice that some of the stuff I’ve sewn is simply to bad to disclose to anyone!

I’ve only been sewing for approximately 5 years and that’s not 5 years consistently. I have sewn two things over the last 2 years. Ya’ll feel me! I know the basics of sewing but don’t come asking me to make your daughters prom dress. She’ll end up with a “Gordon Gartrell!” My 70’s and 80’s babies are hysterical right now! I know I am!

Let’s not get side tracked people. Back to the DIY. I am committed to improving upon my sewing skills and no longer having all of my machines and notions tucked away in a closet with a film of dust over them. Not exactly the best way to be proactive. Enter the sewing table. It would hold my sewing machine and serger while allowing space to store most of my notions and supplies. I needed this table in my life.

I’ve scored big on CL before, so I knew that I would be able to find something that I could use. Guess my excitement when I found a used solid wood desk listed for $25! Yes, yes I knew it was raggedy and probably smelled like train smoke (it was stored in the basement of an old house for years), but it had major potential.

I sent my husband and son off to pick it up and bring it on home. When they arrived home with it and I had a chance to really look it over, I’ll admit I was a bit overwhelmed.


The holes and chips in the wood and cobwebs in just about every drawer were a bit off putting. But I sucked it up, got it together and trotted on down to the home supply store to get what I needed.

I started by cleaning off the desk with a warm water sponge bath. Once dry… holes, cracks and chips were filled with wood filler and the desk was sanded. Another quick but thorough wipe down to remove the dust and we were cooking with grease baby! This next step was by far the most daunting of the whole process. Priming!


Why didn’t someone tell me that it would take 3 coats of primer to cover this wood desk? Yes, 3 coats. Twin A helped along the way and he got so tired of using the paint brush that he began applying the primer with his hand. I laughed out loud but I really felt his pain.

I’m sure I let the desk sit for the better part of a week after priming it because I wasn’t too fond of the idea of having to apply 3 or more coats of paint. Finally I mustered up the nerve to paint it and I got busy. I chose this wildly seductive teal color and as I began applying it to the desk I loved how it was turning out. It took 3 coats of paint as well. Woosah! My right shoulder and arm got a real workout.





It dried for 2 days before my wonderful husband brought it inside the house from the garage. It’s the foundation of my temporary sewing space in the front room of our house. Ideally I will build the décor of my craft room around my new sewing table once we lay down roots again and purchase another home. But for now, my sewing space is exactly what I need it to be. Quaint, efficient and all mine!


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