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Organize Your Entire Homeschool Life – 18 Pages of FREE Printables

It’s true!  I can be obsessive about some things. I write notes, keep journals, make lists, and keep a running list of my to-do list and vision board at the forefront of my mind.  I’m a little wonky that way!  I’m sure my husband and children would like me to fall back a bit and ease up, and maybe one day I will… when the world is perfect, and eating chocolate everyday is enough to sustain me 100%!  Until then, I’ll keep “obsessing” and getting things done.

Many of my Facebook followers (You know you want to see what’s happening on my FB page. Go on and check it out. I’ll be here when you get back, I promise.) often ask how I manage homeschooling 5 children and running 4 home based businesses. Well, it’s more like 3 because my hubs is freaking amazing and knocks the management of our coffee company out of the box!  Isn’t love grand?  For real though, I have learned to manage my multitude of daily tasks by keeping charts, using worksheets, and writing lists.  I need every ounce of help staying organized and I’ve found the methods that work best for me.  The struggle is real sometimes, and I’m not afraid to admit it.

Honestly, cuz y’all know I like to keep it 100…without a system in place to help me juggle it all, I’m pretty sure I’d lose it.  Yeah, for real, I’d lose my mind!  And you all know, if mama isn’t right, no-one is right.  I wear the crown and need to keep it on straight, most days.

So take a look at what helps me.  Now this isn’t a full on organizational tool BUT it will definitely give you a strong push in the right organizational direction so that you too can begin organizing your entire homeschool life!

Download your FREE 18 page printable here or click the image below.

I included a couple of out of this world planning sheets and logs that I love from Teachers pay Teachers.  They have a huge selection of FREE things that you can use for all grade levels (although I find a larger selection of primary school stuff).  Just sign up and print out whatever you want.  I’m telling you, if you love Pinterest you’ll love this website.

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