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Mama’s Foodie Review: Hidden Valley Farms Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip and Zucchini Chips

I’m a firm believer in training your children’s palate early.  Exposing them to different foods from all over the world can make all the difference in how they will eat when they reach their adult years.  Of course there are some foods that I simply won’t touch like brussel sprouts, egg foo young, and turnips because they are just disrespectful, but I try to keep it interesting and creative.

Chips are up there in the top 5 of my family’s favorite snack time treats, however we all know how unhealthy they can be when eaten often. Even the “healthy” chips aren’t always the best option especially when you are a family of 7 on a budget, and one bag of chips costs $4+ and lasts exactly 2 seconds!

So in being the creative home cook that I am, I took to making a healthy chip alternative at that would still pack a powerful punch with my little people.  Enter the zucchini chip!  Uber simple to make. While they are so easy to make, they need a bit of pizazz added to them to really bring this snack home.  I found this packet of Hidden Valley Greek Yogurt Dips Ranch while doing my weekly grocery shopping and decided to give it a try.

It was simple enough to prepare and made my list of healthier snack options for my children.  I grabbed some zucchini and okra – don’t judge me, and headed home to bring it all together.

Over the years I’ve found that the best way to make veggie chips or fruit snacks is to use my dehydrator. For chips it eliminates the need to fry or bake them.  A quick wash of the zucchini and okra and I was ready to roll.  This is the dehydrator I used.  It comes with 4 trays and you can easily purchase more as you need to.

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My mandoline came in handy to cut the zucchini into pretty even slices. The okra went in whole.  I turned the dehydrator on and forgot it for about 5 hours.  When I mixed the ranch dip packet with the greek yogurt, I noticed that it didn’t mix as evenly as the Hidden Valley Ranch dip for sour cream does.  It took a bit more time for it to incorporate, but it eventually did.  A quick chill in the fridge, about 30 minutes, and it was ready to go once the zucchini chips were done.  I left the okra in the dehydrator a bit longer and forgot about them, literally!  Once I remembered there was no saving them.  They had shriveled up into hard stems of nothingness.  Maybe next time!

The kids loved the chips and dip!  This will definitely become a regular snack in my house.  Truly, how can you go wrong with veggies and yogurt?  It’s a win-win for moms and kiddos alike!


Here what you’ll need:

2 – large zucchini washed and sliced evenly

1 1/2 lbs – okra – washed left whole

1 – pack of Hidden Valley Greek Yogurt Dips Ranch

1 – 32oz tub of greek yogurt

Place the veggies on the dehydrator trays and be sure to pack tightly but not to overlap.  Turn it on and let it go for a minimum of 4 hours or until the veggies have a nice firm crunch. Near the end of the dehydration cycle, grab a bowl and spoon in 20 oz of greek yogurt.  Add the contents of the dip packet to the yogurt and risk until fully incorporated.  Chill and serve when the veggie chips are done.  That’s it!


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