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6 Ways to Make Being a Work at Home Mother Easy!

Work at home mother.  We’ve all heard the term before. Many mothers including myself are successfully working from home.  Whether self-employed or a company employee, being able to work in the comfort of your home is second to none.

I’ll admit, when transitioning from the workplace to home based things can get a bit sketchy.  What time do you wake up?  How do you balance your work/life responsibilities?  Where can you carve out a dedicated workspace?  Will your children understand that you are actually working?  Probably not!

No worries here.  I’m going to show you how I have managed to successfully work from home for a decade, and how you can do the same.  Here is my tried and true method.  6 Ways to Make Being a Work at Home Mother Easy!

1. Dedicate a work space

This is by far the most challenging part for most mothers who make the decision to work from home. Our homes are full of love, laughter, and warmth.  Seemingly every corner in every room is filled with something.   Our homes are bursting with everyday living.  Where can you possibly carve out a workspace?  Well, the space required is going to be completely dependent upon what your business is.

Let’s take a quick look at me for example.  My primary business right now (because y’all know I like to switch it up from time to time), is soap making.  I make soap on a large scale.  25-50 pounds batches at a time, several days a month.  So I need a large work space.  We lucked up when we purchased our home, as the basement is full and completely finished. There is one room, approximately 500sq with french doors that has become my soap making room.  It’s my dedicated craft space.  In addition, my husband and I share a home office which is also located in our basement.  It’s equal in size to my soap making room.  Now, you may not need as much space.  If you are an author or virtual assistant or business coach a desk and some shelving may be all you need.  Take a focused walk around your home.  Look for an area that you can transform into a functional workspace.  You’ll be amazed at how your home will work for you even if you think you have limited space.

2. Set a work schedule

Working so close to your bedroom, or in your bedroom for some can be cumbersome.  It’s so easy to snooze away in our warm beds when we don’t have to travel to work, right?  Stop!  Set a work schedule for yourself.  Identify the time of day where you feel you can get the most work done uninterrupted (wait, is that even a thing?).  Set alarms, have a routine,  and be consistent!  Trust me when I tell you that this is probably the most important step to being successful at working from home!  I have my alarm set for morning prayer, and 1.5 hours later it’s going off again for my daily wake up.  The struggle is real some days, but in order for this to work we must push through these tired moments.  Have a sit down with your children and let them know when you’ll be working.  If your spouse is available ask them to manage the children during your work time.  As an alternative, if your budget allows consider hiring a nanny.

3. Use a calendar and ongoing to-do list

Hold yourself accountable.  Your business won’t achieve greatness without doing so.  Use your calendar to keep track of deadlines. Google and iPhone have great calendars that can be synced on all your digital platforms.  If you prefer to write things down, Imom has some crafty printable calendars that will help you stay on top.

Your to-do-list is equally as important as your calendar.  Update it daily.  The most pressing tasks should be at the top of the list.  As you complete a task, check it off.  At the end of your day sit back and take a look at what you’ve achieved.  Seeing the results in front of you helps you to keep the momentum going.

4. Take off your pjs!

Why you ask?  Because you want to be productive.  When I have on my pjs I’m in chill mode.  No work is getting done.  It’s simple.  Freshen up, change your clothes, and you’re ready to get busy being uber productive.  Remain comfortable and presentable just incase you have a client stop by or have to jump on a video call.  I love, love, love wearing yoga pants while working.  They allow me the flexibility needed when handcrafting soap and other products, and they’re super comfortable.

5. Make time to eat

A hungry person isn’t productive or happy.  Whatever time of day you choose to work, make sure you eat.  Keep your mind and body nourished so that you can rock out.  If heading back into your kitchen during your work time will be a distraction, pack your lunch.  Need some inspiration on what to make for your work at home lunch?  You’re sure to find inspiration from Family Fresh Meal’s 50 Healthy Work Lunch Ideas.

6. Be Prepared

Take inventory once a week of supplies you will need for the week ahead.  Grab them locally or order them online if need be.  There is nothing more frustrating, or that will send your work at home organization train off the rails more than not having supplies.  In order to be productive you have to be prepared.

There you have it.  Working from home is worth it if you can swing it, and it can be easy.  With these tips, I hope that you can start earning money from home or reorganize your process if you’re already doing so.  Let me know what some of your tried and true methods are that make you a superstar work at home mom.



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