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10 FREE Homeschool Activities to Get You Out of the House When You’re Broke

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, homeschooling does not have to be expensive!  Can you see me standing on the mountain top shouting that out?  I want you to hear me!  Really folks, you can homeschool on a dime.  All it takes to homeschool successfully is a bit of creativity, patience, love, and the desire to see your children succeed.  Everything else is secondary.  While at the park with Muhammad and Aishah yesterday (my two littlest people), I thought of how much fun they had simply playing.  Within that play they were also learning in a fun, FREE, and imaginative way.  We learned about fire trucks and the fireman’s job, balance, counting, and the ongoing preschool lesson…sharing.

My husband and I are not rich.  In fact, we encounter many of the struggles that many other American families do.  What has allowed us to be successful in homeschooling is our flexibility, and realizing that being short on cash doesn’t mean the learning opportunities must cease to exist.  Creativity folks, that’s the theme of this post.

Living in a metro area like Atlanta, there are always tons of things to see and do.  Often times too many to choose from so you may just stay home and binge watch Netflix (yeah, we do that in homeschool too).  But, the message here is that there are so many activities to choose from that you will always have the opportunity to get out and explore whilst learning. I’ve put together a list of 10 FREE activities for the homeschool family that will require you to leave your house and prance around town.  When you’re all done, have a family fun night where you look at the pictures taken that day together or have a short discussion about what you saw and did.  The kiddos will love the recap and it gives you a chance to extend the learning moment a bit longer.

1. Children’s Museum of Atlanta Target Free Second Tuesday – Every second Tuesday of the month, Target makes it possible for your whole family to visit the CMOA for FREE! Just show up between 1-6pm and enjoy.

2. Zoo Atlanta – Children under two and military are FREE everyday.  To make the most of your visits, purchase the yearly family admission (a $129 one time fee) and visit as much as you want all year without spending another dime.

3. Choices for Kids – FREE 7-week cooking class for children 8 years+. This is specific to the Atlanta area, but check in your area for programs like this.  They exist everywhere.

4. LEGOLAND – Swing by on 3/31/17 for FREE admission and workshops all day.

5. Atlanta Jazz Festival – Why not use music as a learning tool?  FREE Memorial Day Weekend at Piedmont Park.

6. Parks and Recreation – Check your local Parks and Recreation department for an activities listing.  They almost always have FREE stuff to do.

7. YMCA – Did you know the YMCA offers a FREE 7 days pass.  Yep!  You can get it right here and have full use of the facilities during that time. You can only do this once though, so make the best of it.

8. Your Local Library – That’s right.  Head on over to the children’s services desk during your next visit and find out what FREE events they have scheduled.

9. Noah’s Ark – Another ATL favorite.  This 501c3 is an animal sanctuary that offers FREE and donation only admission.  So, if funds are low you can visit for free, but if you have a bit to spare please do donate to keep this organization thriving.

10. Go for a hike! – Get out and explore.  Search your area for walking trails, hiking trails, or simply go to your local park.  Use the time to pick flowers, search for bugs, examine rocks, and bird watch.  They kiddos will love it AND will be so exhausted afterwards, they’ll be knocked out for a while so you can grab some time for self-care.

Need some self-care ideas?  Give this post a read!

Alrighty folks, there you have it.  Some free ways to keep learning alive without spending a dime.  Until next time…

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